Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unplugged Stranger

This is NOT my dad.
 My dad called the other day and said he was coming to visit. The children were so excited that they were aflame with uncontainable energy. 

Now, I will show you why it's so great to keep your children unplugged. They can come up with things to do that are not only entertaining to them but to us old fogies, as well!
Lively fellow.

Rylee's twin?
Who is this tall handsome stranger? He resembles my youngest boy, Harrison.
Meet Larry, my dad. He lives in Oregon.

Now, THAT GUY actually is my dad.He did really well putting up with all the noise and rambunctiousness. He also didn't seem to mind a bit being the shiny new object in the room that everyone wanted to investigate. I will share more pictures of his trip in the next post. 

Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, tall handsome stranger will dance for you:

FYI- Morgan is the legs under Harris.