Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sometimes You Have to Excuse the Mess While Memories are Made- Broken Fan & Crazy Hair

This one is Porter's.
 Porter was privileged to take art with Sister Bagley in our ward. She was an art teacher for several years. These two pictures were an exercise in making crazy lines and filling the whole page (which I can never get them to do!).
This one is Andie's. She's a cousin who was visiting from Alaska.

Don't worry, the fan is not plugged in here. He was spinning it with his hand.

 While I was painting doors, I had Harris retrieve the step stool for me. He lost his balance and the foot of the stool went through the front of the fan, breaking one of the blades.(We kept it tilted up to circulate air up the stairwell.)

Knowing how much Harris loves using tools, I suggested he open it up and take the broken blade out. He hopped up at the idea. He took the front off, removed the broken piece, then put the front back on preparing to screw it back in place. He then informed me that there are no holes for the screws to go into. 

Rather than tell him that he needed to rotate the cover to line up the holes, I merely said that the holes were there when he took the screws out. He figured it out on his own and plugged it back in. We both then learned that if a fan is missing a blade it will be out of balance! So, bye-bye fan. You served us well.

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