Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where's George?

Ever seen that STAMPED onto a dollar bill? I think I have a total of... four times.

But I never looked it up online. Today, at the tail end of my personal little vacation (i.e.-Hubby took the kids camping) I took the time to track this dollar bill.

I am really amazed at my obsession with traveling and seeing the world. So obsessed that I even want to travel through a dollar bill.

Anytime anyone I know is going to travel I desire to travel vicariously through them. I have a son serving a mission in Oregon. Don't hear much from him. I have a daughter living as an au pair in France who is currently with the family holidaying in Greece. She's a writer. It's a lot easier to share vicariously in a person's travel when that person is a writer!

I not only want to know about the place. You know, sights, sounds, smells, food. I am also very interested in the people. There are people all over the world doing exactly the same thing: just trying to make it. Whatever that "it" may be.

There are moms and dads trying to give their children a better chance than they had. There are young children playing pretend at whatever it is they're exposed to. There are young adults trying to figure out what they're passionate about and what they should be doing with all that vital, abundant energy. There are the elderly who have already learned the great life lessons necessary to be at peace with being out of the rat-race.

It's the stuff we humans don't have in common that makes travel so alluring to me, and it just so happens that the stuff we do have in common is what makes connecting with our foreign counterparts so easy. Okay, maybe not easy, but easier.

The seventy year olds in China will be dressed differently than the seventy year olds in Wyoming, but engage them in conversation and you'll find the two groups won't be all that different. Same conversations being shared, one over a very short table of rice and chicken feet, one over a taller table of steak and potatoes.

So, what did I learn about my dollar bill? Oh, the anticipation! It started off as a crisp new dollar bill leaving a Bank of A in Marysville, WA. (I've never been to Washington!) Then, in 2013 (8 years before anyone paid notice to its special demeanor) it was recorded as having traveled 586 miles to Idaho Falls in southeastern Idaho. Now, it's in Afton. Older, more wrinkled.

Where to next, George?

PS- Everyone, everywhere appreciates laughter.

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