Friday, August 30, 2013

Memo of My Missionary- Homeless Foul

well this week i got yelled at by a homeless guy cuz i gave him a dollar then the next day he asked for another and i said no he said the F word like 100 times and claimed i didnt know jesus and kicked a gargabe can over and wanted to throw down with me. i laughed and was gonna quote "give a man a fish..." he didnt give me the chance he just yelled more. we are also teaching a man named michael jordan. played for the chicago bulls...jkjkjk but his name really is michael jordan. we are volunteering at an assisted living home now. and we have been biking a ton cuz we let sister use the car most of the week. we got a ton of stuff for our apartment. dishes, lamps, and shelves, etc. then we have a member who does construction who is gonna get us a whole living room set. my new companion is really testing my charity and patience...we attended an 8 year old's baptism this sunday and that was way cool. i filled up the font and the water heater was only a 5 gallon one. i didnt turn it off periodicly to let it heat up so it was pretty cold haha. the sister have a ton of solid investigators...we are doing a ton of finding. we got our new phone this week! it is so nice to be able to communicate again. i have met some VERY nasty people living in VERY nasty homes!! i cant understand how people can live like that! my missionary workouts are getting a LOT more intense! to the point i burnout. im gonna be very fit when i get home. the ward children and youth love me! the lil kids hug my legs and give me high fives and crowd me at church haha. we are starting a dodge ball night as a finding activity. pray that it is sucessful.

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