Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Memo of My Missionary~August 12th

on the train to the airport with elder brough
 I finally got Anthony to write more than just two sentences! And send pictures!

 (I'm just going to copy and paste what he wrote)

 well today is transfer day. i just met my new companion. elder Brewer. he has been out as long as me so we will be training each other haha!! he is a good looking guy. coos bay ward is also getting a set of sisters!! im excited cuz this will really lift the less active work off our backs. tooo mannnyyy lessss accctiiivees haha. will be a good transfer. we should see some baptisms.
my first time on an airplane
 chelsee still hasnt come to church so she isnt even on date anymore. we are teaching two boys. 8 and 10 one we tracted into and his mom is looking for a church for him. and the other is from a part member family. he is autistic so it is hard to gauge his progress, but i feel confident his mom will alllw him to be baptized.
 so we are going to the temple in september. they prefer if we bring family names so can you send my one family name  :) love you all!!! im a different person than i was 2 months ago. miss you all tons. wish they could do family missions.

elder mcbride is getting transferred just up the road from me to north bend. he will be one of my zone leaders. i would never live here, but it is good to see crazy people and share the gospel in this part of the vineyard. im really looking forward to taking over the area and having more responsability. (however you spell it haha)

with Larry De-La-Crose (member) after service


elder gosar and i on exchanges (ZL)

snail lol
my favorite mtc teachr. Colten Farnsworth!

well i will tell you about the culture of Coos BAy. Steven Prefontaine grew up here (world famous runner) i walk past his old house all the time. running gurus from all over travel here just to take a lap around the track and to do his famous run. the people in general are very lazy and very liberal. lots on welfare and it is trying my patience. but my christlike attributes are growing. people move in and out A LOT and it makes the work harder. the ward is quite unorganized and i have literally only been to
 ONE ward counsel so far.....point taken. we are really trying to get this ward organized. ....there are yellow taxi cabs here. lots of logging and seafood. lots of hills and wind. lots of drugs too...they grow weed like corn in oregon.

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