Sunday, August 18, 2013

Memo of My Missionary- One Lego at a Time

Dear Elder Galloway,

I am excited for your report of this past week of working in the vineyard. 

Today was a good Sabbath. Dad left very early for meetings. Holland gave a final talk in Sacrament Meeting before she leaves on the 28th to serve her mission in the Philippines. Brother Wilford led a great discussion from Doctrine and Covenants.  And we have a new sister teaching in Relief Society who gave a very fun lesson on unity. 

Today, I'd like to share with you some things from Sacrament Meeting that captured my heart:

•Every time you let negativity take over you are welcoming  Satan right through the front door. 

•The invitation is to come unto Christ. We do not say go unto Christ. We say come, therefore, we must already be with Christ. 

•He may not change circumstances but he will change us.

So, we must remember that this life is a test. Every challenge or hardship we face is an opportunity for us to show Heavenly Father what we're made of. When negativity shows up we can conscientiously decide to slam the door in its face and build up positivity one Lego at a time, if need be. 

Sometimes it is very easy to become discouraged. Sometimes we may feel like we are just banging our heads against a wall; that our efforts are probably not making any difference at all. So we must remember that everything we experience will make a difference for at least one person: ourselves. We can decide to allow the circumstances make us better people. 

I love Holland's visual on coming into Christ. Jesus has never asked us to do anything that he himself has not done. He never expects us to live standards that he himself did not adhere to.  People we interact with can recognize even inconspicuous hypocrisies. We must already have the Savior with us if we can ever hope to invite someone else to come unto him. 

This week I shall pray for you to be a vehicle in which the Spirit can travel. May you be ever stalworth in your day to day dealings so as to earn this blessing. 

Love, Mom

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