Thursday, January 17, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion-Plaster Surgery

 Let's go back for a quick minute so you can see the way the original walls in the living room were plastered. This is a coved ceiling, referring to the way it curves.

Above is a picture I took before we ever started working.

This picture shows the coving a little better. Jake and I just took a look through all the photos since the beginning and we have done SO MUCH WORK!
After we worked like dogs to remove the coving, this ugly mess is what we were left with on the ceiling.

Here is my beautiful work filling in the space with mud.

This is just to show the walls after they've been taped and had the first coat of mud put on. Which, I also did! *So proud* So, this is pre-texture. I've gone from doing menial labor to tape-n-first coat of mud. Then, there's a final skim coat and then texturing, but I'm not skilled enough for that.

When we're helping... (can you see little Harris at the middle of the sheet of dry-wall)

...we're happy, and we sing as we go! On the left you can see a stack of boxes of dry-wall mud. We used SO much mud in this main area that the humidity was worse than Guam! The doors and windows and people were all sweating.

Here is the texture! I know, it's weird looking.
Laundry room ready for paint! Actually... no, it's not. We have to stomp the ceiling. That'll be the next post!