Thursday, January 31, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion- Hit the Deck! Part II

Here is Kiki using a belt-sander. This was ineffective because the sanding belt would just gum up and then tear.

Finally, something that works! Grinders. I know, right?

End of day one of grinders' employ. This creates a LOT of dust.

Rylee, bopping to music and watching herself in the window. Ha! Caught ya on "film"!

Ye old dust collector. What? You don't have one? Hmmm...

My Boba Fett get-up.

This is Pop. He's one of the smartest, hardest working people I know, and I sure appreciate his help!

This is my owie.You don't want to touch a spinning grinder wheel even WIth a glove on!

Bare wood!

This is in my bedroom. Old floor, bare floor.
NOW he can sand the actual wood!

zebra (darkest) just kiddin'- it's actually called jacobean-whatever that means!

Next, we try some stain samples.

I picked golden. The zebra look is just way off of what I had in mind. And Jake was right, the wood is not accepting the stain the same as it would if it didn't have all that wax imbibed into it.
golden oak (lightest)
mixture of the two

This is in the bedroom after the stain. So, we ended up with markings from the grinders anyway... (my sections were worse than theirs) but I like it!
Now to vacuum and get it all cleaned up for the next step.Oiling!

This is RIGHT after I oiled. 
 It will not look shiny after the oil is absorbed.


  1. It's beautiful regardless, but after reading about the effort that went into this floor, it's absolutely gorgeous! The before and afters are mind-boggling. High fives to the entire family.