Thursday, January 31, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion- Floor Details

 These boards are what remain to tell the true age of the cottage, like wrinkles on an elder's face.
 What do you think of this? I'd really like to hear... maybe some like it, maybe some don't.
 I think it's so neat.
 Dings and scratches from seventy-seven years of holding people up; of giving support and warmth to the humans who have called this home.
 Babies crawling, couples fighting, laughter, things being dropped.

Staples, glue, being over-layed by shaggy carpet and vinyl flooring.
 This brick makes my heart sing!
 This board is in the bedroom.
It's cool how the grain looks like valleys and hills.

We, ourselves, are surrounded by valleys and hills.

I'm thankful for the chance we've been given to make this old, unwanted house attractive, cozy, and welcoming again.

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