Thursday, January 24, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion- Painting Party

 Being the fabulous parents that we are, we let the children do some painting. Ha. Actually, it was all Jake's idea because I have a hard time handing over this type of thing to people who are not detail-oriented and careful. I am a homeschooling parent, however, and how could I deny them this opportunity? As Jake's grandpa Irvin used to say:

"We're not raising cows, we're raising boys!"

So, using that logic here I go:

"We're not painting walls, we're painting kids!"
 Check out that floor...

Morgan seems to be good at any task we assign him. We don't have to check on him. If he needs something he gets it. He doesn't whine or complain. 
 Do it with FLAIR!
 Don't worry. The colors aren't as bold as they seem. I'm just taking pics with my phone. Plus, when we get all the natural wood trim in they won't seem so bold.

 He just goes!

With five children and two adults (where in the heck was Anthony!), this job was done in under two hours. Amazing, right?

Any bare spots will be covered by cabinets.

Pretty much that whole entire wall will be cabinets. (I am married to a cabinet-maker!)

 Texturing my bedroom! I made those corners by myself!Am I using too many exclamation points!?
I'm going to have so much fun decorating my new room.

 Guess what's behind curtain #1? 

A certain someone is spraying primer in a certain room...
 See that hideous looking green in the laundry room? I'm not finished in there. It will look nice when I'm through.

 This is what's known as an airless paint sprayer. It is quite noisy.

 I love it!
 These are just some odd pictures I took while waiting for Jake to finish spraying.

One day, I am informed that, "We need to make sure these labels don't get thrown away." A man handles this by throwing the labels on the floor of a construction site. A woman handles it by taping them to each other, labeling them with the word "keep", and taping them to the wall.

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  1. The hired help did a great job! Love the colors, by the way. Nothing wrong with bold.