Sunday, September 23, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- Putting up Walls

Jake started framing walls and doorways. In this shot, that little room back there was the original kitchen. Tiny! There was already a doorway and wall but we wanted to put in a pocket door. When you walk through that door immediately to the left is the following:

This little alcove was where the stove sat with counters on either side. We put this wall and pocket door here to make a powder room. I'm excited to make the sink for this room. Yes, I said MAKE the sink.

Remember the original door to the bathroom? It's gonna be a wall!

Now that bathroom's door is in the master bedroom. The short wall will have glass above it. It will be a shower room. No curtain, no door.

His and hers closet. His on the left, hers on the right. He gets to design his, I get to design mine. See the original opening on the right? There was a large cubby that started half-way up the wall leading to the attic access. That was it for closet space in this room.

We cut in openings for can lights!

We will never complain that there's not enough light. Yay!

Plus, the living room and bedroom have dimmer switches.

Don't worry, that ugly fan is going away.


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  2. The first comment box. let me catch up.. ive seen all your Le cottage blogs and photos. It is truly a gift you two have, to build your dream or vision. keep up the awsome work