Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- Firm Pillow Filling

"These have to come out, don't they?", I said.

"Yeah... you were too quick to thank that guy for not using mastick on that lanoleum.", says he.

Tried this for a while. Then enlisted vice-grips. Much better!

Here, we are decorating for Halloween.

Ha ha. Just kidding.

This netting gets stapled up to the studs on the exterior walls to hold the insulation.

We used 115 lineal feet.

Day one and day two we blow insulation up in the attic.

This blue thing is called a hopper.

Harrison and I fed Hopper, the monster, breakfast, lunch and dinner- over and over and over. Sometimes dessert, too.

This insulation is fibers of recycled paper. You could see words and a couple times we found ribbon.

So, if you're ever going to blow insulation into your attic here's how it's going to go. Your husband is going to stick an entire bale into the hopper on its end. When you turn it on, it's not going to work because the agitator can't break it up. He's going to blame you for doing something wrong. You're going to think to yourself, I should break these up into smaller chunks. Then the insulation will have a regular flow. And we all know that having a regular flow is the way to go.

Harrison left me. Jake and I were there till 9:30 pm. That's a picture through the door. There's the ladder up to the attic.

Did I mention that I'm scared of heights? I mean REALLY scared of heights.

Day two, we start blowing insulation into the walls.

This is fiber-glass insulation. But it's nothing like the traditional 'batting'. This is like thick cotton candy. It doesn't irritate the skin but does irritate the throat. So, we wore face masks.

Again, break it up and put it in the hopper.

There she is. All tucked in and ready for bed. You want to fill the channels till they feel like a firm pillow. The house is already warmer.

Day three, we finished the walls and did some more in the attic. Then, I took the rest of the day OFF!

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  1. You're scared of heights too? We must be related. The things we learn after so many years...