Sunday, September 2, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- Bricks and a Toilet

See the wall which the open french-door is against? That is where the bedroom closet was. Directly behind Jake's body is the door to the bathroom. That stove is the one that was in the other corner. See the opening above the fireplace? That wasn't there. Behind there is the stairwell. The piano will go against that wall. I came up with the idea of creating an opening there to improve the feeling of the "crack-house" stairwell. This will also help with circulating the heat from the gas stove as it will be downstairs. Take note of the floor. See the line around where the stove is sitting? The stove is sitting on a section of wood-patterned linoleum.
Now you can see the bathroom. That door will be walled off and another door will be added from the bedroom side. Master room upstairs! All the kids downstairs! SWEET!
I absolutely LOVE exposed brick. So when I saw what was hidden behind the wall I had to do it. I had to expose that brick! Half of it had framing around it, half of it had--- you guessed it--- PLASTER. I'm going to count this as a second work-out for the day. Plaster stuck to brick, oh my!
This is me totally EXHAUSTED. Sitting on a toilet. (Those two facts are not connected.) But look at the brick! There will be further cleaning up to make it all look nice but isn't it lovely?
The entire upstairs has its original wood floors. In every room but the original kitchen, it was covered with carpet or linoleum. I would like to thank the gentlemen who decided not to use super-duper-sticky stuff to put down the fake wood linoleum. He first laid down a sub-floor and then put the linoleum on top of that. He saved us a BUNCH of hard work. Jake was able to pull up that whole section in minutes and we won't have to sand off super-duper-sticky stuff! Thank you, Mister!
Do you think my kids are starting to understand what it feels like when I clean up and they make a mess and I clean up and they make a mess and I clean up and they make a mess?

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  1. Its looking great Tiana. What a lot of work. :) Keep updating! I like to see the progress!