Sunday, September 2, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- Adding More Texture

 SOrry it's been so looong since I've given an update on the house. This here is not the best picture, but the house is in constant stages of variance which prevents any good kodak moment. As you can see, Jake built a fine front porch which had to be stained and then oiled. After a trial run with using lattice for the deck-skirting (I HAVE ALWAYS HATED LATTICE) we finally came up with a MUCh more attractive option---- cedar fencing.

Here are some children trying to make fire with wood. It was amazing how long they kept trying and how they would come up with different methods. No luck, tho. (Thankfully)
Here, the foundation walls are being covered with something similar to stucco. This stuff actually has more of a rubbery quality which is supposed to behave better with the expansion/contraction that happens in our climate. I like to call it adobe.

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