Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July Fun

The past few years, our family reunion has been missing at least one of my kids due to summer jobs, jobs overseas, or an LDS mission. This year, we got the whole band back together.

Here is Anthony aiming the cannon.

If you've never been around a cannon when it goes off, it's VERY loud.

They aim at a tree stump.

Our newest family member, Marites, and the only other islander in the family besides me and my 1/4 blood chilluns.

This little dark boy is Marites's son. This was his first time to see a smoke bomb.

Harris is getting some instructions before his first time shooting skeet.
Here is Harrison's first shot with a shotgun. It's got quite a kick.

Here is his second shot. He was prepared this time. He did well. He shot three disks which is pretty good for a guy his size.

Morgan receiving instruction. He shot twice last year.

He did really well this year.

Can you see the smoke coming out of the barrel? Cool shot.

They ran a competitive game. The better you do the further left you move over.

Shay before squeezing the trigger.

Shay after.

Dad, you should attend next year!

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