Monday, June 15, 2015

Music Monday~ And TED Talk Tuesday

She was twenty nine years old and pregnant with her fifth child, soon to be her first one born at home. For some reason, the pain of the upcoming labor and delivery was terrifying her. Why? She knew exactly what to expect. Maybe that's why. She knew exactly what to expect.

She was self-taught on the piano.  The first piano she ever owned was given to her free because her best friend was divorcing her husband who, her friend had discovered, was frequenting chat rooms. In a bad way. Well, that and the fact that the piano was in really bad shape.

She could hear how out of tune it was, but it was just enough in tune that she could still stand to play it. And play it she did. When she wasn't bathing babies, changing babies, fixing bottles, fixing meals, seeking time with her husband, or spending much needed time with friends, her fingers danced across the keys, her eyes scanned the notes, the challenge of placing her fingers on the correct keys resulting in beautiful compositions was just so much fun.

Once, on a rare visit, her father-in-law had given her a friendly challenge to learn to play with both hands. She most definitely was achieving that.

Where had she gotten that sheet music for that favorite piece of hers?

For hours and hours she played Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia. Did the unborn baby like it? Were the other childrens' souls affected by it as hers was? Could the neighbors hear?

Today, I present to you a version of Moonlight Sonata that my oldest daughter surprised me with. It contains its own surprise! Some of us love it. Some adamantly do not.What do you think?

Here is also a fun little presentation on why music is good for your brain. It's from TED.

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