Monday, June 1, 2015

Memo of My Missionary

Sorry I have not kept you guys up on our missionary. He spent almost the entire time in southern Oregon. For his last month, he was transferred up north which is where my dad lives! 

This is my grandma Suzie. She and I were roommates when Anthony was 1-4 years old. 

He was her little buddy. At night he would sit on the arm of her upholstered rocking chair, right next to her, watching TV. She would call out to me from her room because he fell asleep and she was so tiny she could never carry him. 

Gran made him ramen noodles every day. She would say she was so jealous of his curls cuz she had to pay lots of money to have curls like that. 

Suzie has been under the growing effects of dementia for several years so we wondered if she would remember Anthony and he said she did! Gran is in good health and being well loved and looked after by my dad and a couple of "granny sitters." 

I'm so thankful that Anthony, and Gran, and my dad got this chance to spend time together. 

Two more weeks and we meet Elder Galloway at the airport!

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