Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Foodie Friday~Manzanilla Rides the Laughing Cow

I remember exactly when I first met this cheese. I was playing scrabble with my friend Gayle at her house. She placed this cheese and some crackers on the table. After my first lathered cracker, I had to really hold myself back from eating the rest of it the way Mr. Fox eats his breakfast. It was a nice way for Gayle to make up for the fact that she beat me every time and did it by making tiny little words that score into the forties or fifties.

When I first brought some home, Rylee gave it a try and then became hooked. It makes a very easy, delicious snack. Then, one day, as I was lathering some crackers I decided it needed a little more bite to it, and I thought, let's try this.

I placed a green olive on the cheese on the cracker and into my mouth and... ohhh...

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This is nice. Very nice. A nice place to meet your hunger.

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