Sunday, December 29, 2013

Memo of My MIssionary- Out of Sequence Post

Anthony, er... Elder Galloway,  has been transferred from Yreka (he pronounces it Y-ree-ka) to Medford. I already posted his Medford pictures, but here are the pictures right before his transfer. We were able to Skype with him on Christmas day for an hour and a half. He was at the home of a retired couple. It was great seeing him and hearing his voice and getting the chance to ask questions. So far, he has been to the temple once there in Oregon and he forgot to take the name that I sent him!

 He said it was difficult leaving the Yreka because of the great people he met, but there is a lot more opportunities to teach in Medford. So, bittersweet. He has worn out his tennis shoes with all the service they've been doing. He has only ridden his bike one time so far. They've either had a car or prefer to walk because they meet, and talk to,  more people that way. It seems like he has got his mind focused on and is entrenched finding those of Father's sheep who are ready to hear his voice. He asked each of us in the family if we are helping the missionaries to find people to talk to.

Elder Galloway will be 19 on Dec. 31st. Happy Birthday!!!

My primary class.

The Kilians. Mum and Miriam (one of the kids age 16) isn't pictured. Katelyne is the one holding the cat she is my favorite.

Ready to leave Yreka :(

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