Sunday, December 29, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion- Janitorial Closet

Most people will use the closet by the front door for coats and stuff. My dream was to have the front door be for visitors to come through, and to have a family entrance into the mudroom. So, I made the front closet into a janitorial supply closet.

Here's the before:

 I used moving boxes as shelves., eventually having to stack containers to hold the cardboard up. I had the brooms and mops just sitting on the floor.
This is the stuff of nightmares, right? How can you know what you even have? Who wants to even look in this mess for something they need?

 This was my first attempt at getting the brooms and mops off the floor. Don't buy these.
Especially if you have children under 16.

I took measurements and asked my hubby if he had scraps at the wood shop that I could use for shelves. I hit the Ace Hardware and got some brackets. Then, on date night, we put the shelves together. We had to use drywall anchors for the screws. The studs behind these walls are not uniform. They are scattered here and there.

I also searched for a stronger design to hold the brooms and mops. It's been several months and these are still in perfect condition.

I have since added plastic storage boxes and small plastic drawers for : batteries, electrical cords, rubber bands, screws, tape, etc.

In here is where I keep user manuals for appliances and electronics. Tools come and go according to what work is being done in the house.

There is an outlet so I can plug in the vacuum when I just need to vacuum a duster or something. I also keep my drill battery charging in here.

Now, the kids know where everything related to cleaning belongs. They sometimes just throw stuff in here, not where it belongs, but at least it's in the right area and I can reorganize it very quickly.

I don't keep a lot of stuff on the floor because I want it to be easy to sweep and mop.

I got these curtains in a pinch, there wasn't much variety. I'll make more interesting ones eventually, with weights on the bottoms to keep them from billowing when the door is opened.

Our entryway.

Happy organizing!

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