Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion- New Berry Patch

 This was the best date Jake and I have had for a long time. We decided the raspberries should have full sun all day so we put them west-facing where nothing will shade them.

We have been canning our own raspberry and strawberry jam for 4 years. The first few years we didn't have enough to last until the next canning. This year, we surely do.

Now, I can become part of the movement:


Ha. Well, we will have a lawn. I'm looking for old galvanized watering troughs to garden in.

 Aww...what an adorable little cottage. It would look better without that miter saw on the porch railing, but that means there's still progress inside, right?

Doesn't the 59 GMC just go perfect with the cottage?

I have insisted that we not plant the grass until we have the sprinkler system in. We'll see if my foot gets to stay down.

30 acre lot with a tiny house way back there.

I hope they aren't shocked to death by the cold.

Jake made that go-cart on the right. Like, from scratch. One of the others is from the land-fill (go green!), the other was in Uncle Richard's junk pile. The Yummy Meats truck wanted to trade some beef for one of the go-carts. The children gave him the stink-eye.

Harris bought that balloon from a quarter machine. (?) Yesterday, he begged me to let him keep one of the raspberry plants for his own. Today, he bought his own potted plant. Go ahead, Shanelle, say it...

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