Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion- Lintel Serenity

 I made a special order at Wyoming Custom Cabinets for a wood lintel that looks old and says "Serenity". Viola. Those dudes can build anything.
 Then, today I drove to the "city" of Idaho Falls and tried to find a light for this space outside my bedroom door. Hoooooo-eeeeee! Look-a-thar.

Don't look directly at the light!
 I called it the Cube of Rubic. Harris named it The Block. Kiki named it the Solar Cube. Any other suggestions out there???
I think it's lovely. Especially against my happified brick. Aaaaah..

My home is slowly coming together.


  1. Perfect! The quilt leaning against the wall adds to the look too.

  2. I made that ladder 10 yrs ago completely by myself in a small garage in CO with primitive tools.