Thursday, July 5, 2012

Le Cotage- Random Visuals

 Here is the INside of our front door. Wait til you see the other si-iiiide.......
Dirt piles gone!
 My kids have mad skills at improvising. Those are my ratchet straps that they're using for swings!
 Here they are playing I-Spy while picking rock. For anyone who grew up on a farm, especially in Star Valley you know what an endless and therefore seemingly pointless job rock-picking is. Ever notice a big pile of rocks next to an open field of hay or whatever? That is years of someone(s) walking along picking up rocks behind a truck or trailer. ROcks just GROW here.
This is what you do when you no longer have a 15 foot dumpster on your construction site. Guess who had the privilege of driving this trailer up to the dump and emptying it out? Go ahead, guess...

Alright, I had a little help. Rylee came with me and a very nice fellow who works there helped a little too. 

Imagine being in a big box, in hot weather, moving around with nails poking every which way. Then you get to the bottom of the pile and find slabs of heavy dry-wall as well as bunches of little pieces, and the DUST! Oh my-the dust!

But who's complaining?

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