Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hooshy Strikes Again

When I came home from my trip to Chicago, guess what was sitting in my kitchen? My long awaited for rolling butcher block!

Never thought I'd say such a thing, but a kitchen can actually be too big. Having this baby saves me about twelve steps going from stove-peninsula-stove. Plus, a big plus, is that my trash now sits in a pullout cabinet. Yay! 

On the other end is vertical storage which I cannot rave enough about. No more fighting my cookie sheets and cooling racks. 

Then, of course, are the unique design aspects. Check out the metal accents and the distressing characteristics. (Meaning, you take a beautiful piece of wood and beat it up.)

Jake experimented colors and came up with what looks sort of like a milk paint wash which still allows the wood grain to show through.

I now have more prep space closer to my stove, and a chopping block ready for whatever I need to chop at it! Isn't it fabulous?

Here are the building stages:

Here's how you make an end-grain butcher block. Lots of time. Cutting, then gluing. 

Then, lots of sanding. 

This is after the first oil application. You like the effect of the grains running in different directions? How about that single block of black walnut? 

Here's how it looked the last time I saw it many moons ago... 
 I left my family for a week. I guess they missed me, and wanted to show their appreciation for me. Ha. 

In our last house, I designed a beautiful (installed) Hoosier cabinet to be my baking center. If you've never heard of a Hoosier cabinet or just wonder about their history click here. And, to get a belly laugh at the advertising angles used to target wives back in the Hoosier hay-day click here.

We aren't the Hoosier company, so this is what Jake named it. This is his version of a love note. Not a bad way to let your wife know you love her, eh?

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