Sunday, March 23, 2014

Le Cotage Conversion- Hooshy Ha-Ha!

 When we purchased this house, this very spot was a standard bedroom closet with a high shelf and a rod. It contained a bunch of personal belongings- clothing, keepsakes, photos, etc.

Then, we knocked down a wall and turned this bedroom into a kitchen. My house plans included a built-in "Hoosier" cabinet. Temporarily, we set up this cheap cabinet and the rolling island which we made for the house we were renting.

This set-up was all kinds of annoying for me. I won't list the reasons why- for your sake. Ha.

So, take a look at what my husband totally surprised me with!
 Here's the story, if you're interested. I had planned a cooking demonstration at my house and jokingly said to my husband, "What are the chances you could get that Hoosier in by Thursday?" We all had a good laugh at that.

On Wednesday, the Relief Society president called and asked if I'd go out to lunch with her cause she needed to talk to me. I thought for sure I was in trouble for something. We met for lunch- she bounced some ideas off me for another event we were working on, I was not in trouble- whew! Then, we went grocery shopping for the cooking demo.

As we carried the groceries into my house, my eyes fell upon this new cabinet in my kitchen and my mind did not register what it was. I just thought, "Something is not right. I'm in the wrong house." Then, BAM! Reality hit me hard and I couldn't breath for the continual exclamations coming out of my mouth. Then I looked at Carol, and wondered why she wasn't at all reacting to this which was when I realized she was in on it too. Not only her. Apparently, Rylee and Nicole both knew because they had been going to work with their Dad to help get this finished in time.

So, here is my absolutely beautiful and perfect Hoosier cabinet which makes my life so much easier because all my baking stuff is in one place. Plus, the added counter space cannot be valued highly enough!

TONS more storage space! My 5 gallon, orange, Home Depot flour bucket easily accessed by opening a drawer! My Bosch, rice cooker, hand mixer, salad shooter, wand blender, bread and pie tins, and MORE, all tucked away in their custom-designed places!

*huge sigh*

Did my man deliver or did my man deliver?????
 Jake loves to mispronounce things just to annoy me and this is no exception.

Tell me if you'd like to know the history of the Hoosier cabinet!
A brand-new toaster for the brand-new Hoosier.

A love note :)

Fluted columns.

Fluted columns on the lower cabinet. A gray wash that allows the grain of the wood to show through.

A home for my cook books. The microwave off the counter.

I still have to get the pulls for the drawers and doors and Jake still needs to add the crown mold and toe kick.
 What do you think???


  1. What do I think? Beautiful piece of furniture, impressive talent in your family, sweet relationship between you and Jake, and I learned so much about you. You're so cool, Tiana. Love ya!