Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'MPOSSIBLE~ Cheering in a Pocket

Hollywood does such a vivid job of making life seem so perfect. The world gathers around and sees what today's decided perfect is. Soundtracks play our emotions. Dialogue captures our hearts. All on a big screen, and saturated with color, and aimed right at our comfy couches. 

Books, even, create visions in our psyches of perfect love, perfect friendship, perfect peace... perfect war. 

I believe it is our job as the single sentient species to get in touch with reality. 

Life is not perfect. There are pockets of perfection, but even those pockets... so many different kinds of pockets. Some are khaki, some are polyester, some are frayed denim, or plaid. 

Pockets come and pockets go as we wear pants after pants after pants. After pants. 

My point is, occasionally our circumstances may not be beautifully saturated with color while we speak Darcy and Elizabeth dialogue sparkling with tension that seems so fun when we watch actors pretend it on a screen. 

Real life is way better for us than that anyway.  Real life is the vegetables mama makes us sit at the table until we eat. Real life is the bitter pill we swallow because we know it's important for dang good reasons. Real life is the acrid smell of what the heck happened in here and now we gotta clean it up. 

Real life balances the sweet and bitter hoping that we, the ones with consciences, the ones who don't operate on binary code and basic survival instincts will learn what is important and do it. 

Some are born into better circumstances and destroy the gifts they were given. Some find themselves in hopeless or completely unjust circumstances and claw their way out to a better way. 

Well, guess what? You may not have chosen your script. The plot of your life may have taken a turn that pretty much sucks. The current scene you find yourself in might be considered ugly when you're standing in it and looking at what's flickering from that electronic screen. 

No matter. You still pick the character you play. You can be one the world cheers on. You can be the one causing sniffles in the audience. You can be the beauty in the world of ugly. 

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