Friday, April 24, 2015

Bringing January Home

 Do you remember Rylee's horse, January? Remember that she was pregnant? Well, her time finally came...
...and so did her baby boy. Meet January's colt. This was about an hour after he was born.

So, Rylee and I hooked up truck and trailer- okay, Jake actually hooked it up- but I drove it. Across Wyoming. Again.

We arrived at cousin Ashby's before they got home from a track meet, so Rylee and I walked around visiting the many horses on the ranch.

This is Eddy. He is the sire of January's colt.

He has that charm about him.

This is a cute, horse-crazy gal.

This is Rylee's favorite room. The tack room.
Tack. Rylee loves the smell.
This is not a jail.

This is an actual sliding barn door. Not a fake one made to decorate a house.
This is Uncle Rod's branding mark. Rafters of the heart.

Eddy facing me. He was so cuddly and lovable.
Me facing Eddy.
This is inside the Quonset hut. They've been working hard in here fixing it up.

It's a great place to take pictures.
So this is where Daffy retired to.

This is a lovely bale of hay.
Checking on the ponies.
The horse people finagled our mama and her baby into the trailer, and we headed back.

Getting gas with the big boys.
Fifteen hours on the road, but driving conditions were optimal.
C'mon little guy. You can make that leap.
Meeting Papa Bear.

Meeting Baby Bear.
Meeting Dog.

Never mind!
Their new home for a while. It's just around the corner from our house.

Rylee decided to name the baby Pete.

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  1. Hello Pete, welcome to the world. You and January have chosen wisely, the Galloways , and Rylee will help and guide your journey.