Friday, February 27, 2015

Foodie Friday~ Does Not Include Chopsticks

I'm kind of cheating for today's Foodie Friday. Cheating because this one doesn't involve pots or pans. Not even any heat. Unless you are sitting by a fire while eating. 

Chips! Chips are one of the funnest ways to experience a foreign country. We Americans have our favorites. Is your weakness BBQ Pringles? Are you defenseless against Nacho Cheese Doritos, as I am? Or, are you like Morgan and just want a potato chip to taste like a potato chip? 

If you think about America's chip history, though, it's only recently that we've wandered down the chip aisle and have had to face new and intimidating flavors. Dill pickle. Loved it. Garlic cheesy bread. May have won a million dollars for the person who suggested it, but was not a particular winner in my house. Chicken and waffles. Never bought a bag ever again. Tomato ketchup. I wasn't brave enough! I know. Shameful. 

In England they call chips crisps. In England, they have an assortment of flavors and shapes that will cause any meat-n-potato picky eater to shake in their muck covered boots.

I lived in England for four years during my adolescent years. I fell in love with the prawn cocktail flavor. I went back to visit as an adult and fell in love with the Worcestershire sauce flavor. 

Now, anytime I know someone going to England, I demand that they bring me back some crisps. One such someone was my friend, Dallas. She dragged her hubby to the source of our Anglo-philia and tenderly carried back a little bag of Worcestire flavored crisps. Just for me. 

That was the beginning of our chips-of-a-different-flavor exchange. 

Now, I introduce to you the little bag she introduced to me this week. 

Wasabi. Ginger. Kettle cooked. 

I shall describe it to you. 

Chinese food in bag. 

I love wasabi. I love ginger. I love Chinese food. 

To be honest. It is a strange sensation to start off eating a bag of chips and end up feeling like you just left the Zheng Zheng Garden. 

Give them a try. Tell us if you like them. If you hate them, let me make restitution by suggesting the Garden Tomato Basil flavor. They are ALmost exactly like the Worcestershire.