Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Is Really Happening

July-----> Rylee bought a horse.
August-----> We put our house up for sale. Planned to build one with five acres so we could have the horse with us and have lots of ground for go-karts and snow machines. 
2 weeks later-----> Under contract in both directions.
September-----> Decided to move to Guam. 

Nov. 5th-----> Closed on the sale of our home. Sold a BUNCH of crap and moved the rest out.
Nov. 5th-----> Bought our tickets to Guam.
Nov. 6th-----> Helped the new owners move their stuff into the house we made new again with our bare hands.
Today-----> Living temporarily in a one bedroom apartment-type cabin thingy still living life as normally as we can while contemplating what to do in the next phase of our story. 

Yes, this IS a CrAZy thing we're doing. This morning I chatted with the chic working the desk at the gym about the horrible weather outside. She said she hoped everyone was prepared for the cold. I told her I was moving to a tropical island. She laughed and said, "Yeah, wouldn't that be nice." And I got to say, "No, really. I am."

When the appraiser had come to our house, I walked him out and he asked if we were planning to stay in the area. I said, "Yeah, unless we move to Guam or something." Laughing hardily, he dismissively said, "And what are the chances of that happening!"

So, now we literally ARE the talk of the town. Everywhere I go someone comes up to say they heard something about me. Well, at least it's something fun like moving to Guam!

Where in the world is Guam? East of the Philippines, south of Japan, west of Hawaii. We will be flying to Hawaii to spend a couple days there. I'm so excited to visit Pearl Harbor. We studied it with the kids after we made these plans. And, of course, I will get to add the Hawaii temple to my roster!
My mother loved this rock. She called it Bear Rock.
Our last meal in the house. Subway sandwiches! The buyers' table was destroyed on their way up from AZ, so they asked if they could keep ours. Absolutely! One less thing to move!

Back to the basics. This place isn't too bad. Small, yes, but quite clean for an old motel. I've lived in worse. I can make just about any place into a home. The girls are actually staying with Grandpa and Grandma.

This photo is significant for a couple of reasons. One, it shows the first snow storm of the year, and we will not have to shovel, push, or remove snow at all this winter! Two, we sold my wonderful van. I didn't even have it for a year!

We've had many different reactions to our decision to give up everything we've worked so hard on and move to a completely unknown place. Some think it's great and wish they had the guts to do such a thing. Some think it's just downright stupid. Well, it is not easy leaving what has grown to become comfortable and familiar, but we've done it before. Look at all the things we have learned because we chose to take on new businesses, or new living spaces, or new lifestyles! We've made many good friends, tried to do good wherever we are, and appreciated all the learning opportunities we've been blessed with. Who knows what kinds of opportunities will greet us in Guam! My children, my husband, and even I, will get to have many new experiences together as a family. Maybe we'll hate it! Maybe we'll love it! Doesn't matter! We are doing it!

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  1. You have more guts than I do. When do you fly out?