Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back to the Haven for You, January

Paying close attention to the weather forecast, we watched for the best days last week for Rylee and I to take January back to Uncle Rod in Cheyenne. Driving across Wyoming in the winter can be very daunting. The bits which don't have much snow have much wind. If you luck out and get both, which I have in the past, you will curse your husband for many years to come!

Here is Rylee bringing January out of the pasture.  Thank you, Mr. Sessions (our wonderful neighbor) for letting Rylee use your pasture and tack room!

I had to hold her for a minute so I tried taking selfies with a horse. Not as easy as you'd think. 

I have pulled work trailers before, but never a horse trailer. The difference in having a living creature in your back end can be summed up in one sentence, "Stop moving around! You're making me seasick!"

This is the part Rylee had to handle. 

Can you tell what Harsey is communicating here? That's my Irish nickname for her. Rylee just gave a quick smack on Jujubee's chest and then she relented. I just made up that nickname. Just barely. Johnny on the spot. That's how you know I like ya!

And she's in! 

She was very pouty the whole way. Whenever we stopped, which was just about in every town-don't ask me why- she whinnied and neighed and turned completely around which wasn't easy as  Rylee had her head tied to prevent too much movement.

I thought it was so cool to be driving this trailer around because people who didn't know me would think I'm a horse person. Yep. That's me. I ride all the time. Not scared a bit...

What took six hours to drive in my van  took eight hours in truck and trailer. Plus, my short leg just couldn't get forward enough for the gas pedal. Ever try keeping your calf muscle clenched for eight hours? 

As we approached Cheyenne I called Rod and he told me to take exit 370. Then, Rylee and I fought over the radio (there was some smacking involved) and the next exit I noticed was 390. So I texted Rod:

We missed the exit. We'll be coming to you via Omaha. 

Then on the backtrack I took the truck weighing station instead of 370. Ergh!

EveNtuALly, we made it. 

Right away Rod gave Rylee a hard time about everything- being a teenage girl...making us miss the exit...not knowing a thing about horses...

That's how you know a Galloway loves you. 

This guy is the most expert expert I've ever seen when it comes to horses. He will use his decades' earned skills to help ensure that January's foal gets a fair shake at life on the planet. 

Here are both my passengers enjoying being out of the car. Out in the cold, but out of the car. 

Please watch for PART TWO of this post! 

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