Monday, March 31, 2014

I'MPOSSIBLE~~~We Are All Toddlers

Here is this moment's spiritual message:
The idea came from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk entitled Four Titles.

You have seen a toddler just beginning to walk? Once he figures out he can take steps, he will try going faster and eventually build up so much speed that he loses control and tumbles to the ground. Good thing for toddlers, they only stand two feet tall. Then, they'll start to realize that they want to change directions while walking. This requires a whole other set of muscles for keeping balanced and upright.

Parents will most often be very close by to prevent injury as their little one toddles, and navigates, and explores. Occasionally, a parental hand will reach out and very lightly give support. Sometimes, the toddler doesn't even notice the help he just received from his parent. Sometimes, when he does notice, he gets upset because he wants to do it himself.

As Pres. Uchtdorf states in his talk, compared to the perfection of our Heavenly Father, we all are "awkward, faltering toddlers...  Would a father punish a toddler for stumbling? Of course not... " Pres. Uchtdorf shares with us that he does "not believe in a God who would set up rules and commandments only to wait for us to fail so He could punish us."  He believes in "a Heavenly Father who is loving and caring and who rejoices in our every effort to stand tall and walk toward him."

The Plan created for us to become like our Heavenly Parents flows in rhythm with justice, mercy, and grace. We must remember that with every small step we are becoming more like him. We will strive. We will stumble. We will fall and cry. We will learn. We will become strong and confident and be able to keep our balance and remain upright. Hopefully, along the way will discover our true purposes for life.

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