Sunday, March 24, 2013

Le Cotage Conversion- Master Shower Power

Tiling is not this fella's favorite thing to do. Rough on the knees and the hands.

 We stayed at $2/ square foot or less for tile.
 So, I had to design our master bath with whatever was available. It was not easy.
I think it turned out pretty nice. Do you think it matches the cottage style?

After five years, I can't even tell you how luxurious it is not to have to share a bathroom with the children anymore. We still don't have a vanity yet (sink cabinet nor mirror), so I haven't actually seen myself for like three weeks.

This is the tiniest window I've ever seen!

In the other house we lived in, if anyone washed dishes, started the dishwasher, washed a load of clothes, or showered, there would not be enough water for another shower. Nothing puts me in a bad mood like not having hot water for my shower! No one was allowed to do anything in the morning before I got home from the gym and showered.

One night here at the cottage, three people had showered, the dishes had just been washed, a load of laundry had just been washed, and the dishwasher was running WHILE I took a lovely HOT shower.

Ever hear of an on-demand water heater or tankless water heater? Ever price one? They're like $1500. No way, right?!

So, we copied Uncle Josh. We got one water heater to feed into another water heater. Mucho cheaper. Mucho showers, and washers, and loads, etc...

Oh... I just realized, I never have shown you guys the downstairs bathroom. Okay, next time!


  1. The tile work is beautiful, and smart stuff with the water heaters!

  2. Such a beautiful shower! You guys are awesome.