Monday, September 14, 2015

Steal an Intermittent Moment

Every summer, I love going up to the intermittent spring, and usually, our family will go up several times during the summer. It's more a walk than a hike. You can go up and be back in an hour if you don't take time to dilly-dally. 

This year, we didn't go up until the end of August! We did it for family night, and it was a quick up and back because we got a late start. 

Then, I thought to myself, this would be a great way to catch up with a friend I haven't seen for a while. Since that thought, I've been up three different times with three different friends. It is really a fantastic way to catch up on each other's lives. 

You're walking, which is a nice, light exertion, allowing for conversation. The scenery is beautiful which is restorative to the soul. Your dog gets to run around just playing, and sniffing, keeping an eye on you. 

I'm sad I didn't get photos with my other two friends, but this is "L." She turned 70 the day after this photo. Doesn't she look fabulous!

She is a painter, and I told her that next summer, she and I are going to meet every week so I can learn from her how to do different watercolor techniques. 

This is my favorite spot. 

This is the first place in my life where I've seen white berries. In a couple weeks all these leaves will be red and orange. 

I also love the colors of the stones in the river. 

Before we got to the bridge, the water was running full force. After the bridge, the water was receding. After about ten minutes you can see that the water is "off" and the flow is halfway down the incline. 

I've never gone up to the mouth of the spring, but I do love going over and sitting by the water. 

This is natural beauty, right here. No designers involved. Not human, anyway!

That moss is just eye-catching. 

Then, you look up the walls of the canyon and see that gorgeous blue sky. Every winter, this place is packed with snow. I call it a glacier, cuz you can watch it melt and shrink. 

I distinctly noticed the noise level of the water after it had turned back "on" and reached where we were sitting.

Here, you can see that the water has started flowing again. 

Here, you can see that the new flow has caught up with the old flow. Can you spot Harris?

I did not know that Porter had brought his iPod. Next time, no iPods. I gladly trade iPods for noisy, rambunctious, wild boyhood behavior. 

Morgan tried chipping a blade out of  a rock. 

Checking out the silt covering the rocks. 

I think trees that grow out like this are cool. 

Mother Nature has her paint brushes out. 

My boy, Harris, who can play solo for hours. 

GrAb a FriEnd. ANd gO To tHe SpRinG.


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