Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sometimes You Have To Excuse The Mess While Memories Are Being Made- Just Goals

Setting goals is imperative to becoming a successful individual. Without goals one becomes stagnant. Very little growth can happen when a person lacks motivation to reach goals set before them.

Personally, I am always setting new goals and challenges for myself because A) I love learning new things B) I become stronger in a variety of ways C) It is a brain-healthy thing to do. D) I don't want to be stagnant!

Our house contains seven completely different personalities. Some are dreamers. Some are logical. Some love facts. Some love beauty. I think most of us readily accept these as a natural part of a person's personality. What about being a goal setter? I don't know. I didn't used to be much of a goal setter. That part of me developed during the self-schooling I've pursued over the last 14 years.

As a homeschooling mom, I often wonder if my example will be enough to inspire my children to be goal-setters. I already know (have learned by trial and error, observation and analysis) that forcing a person to try to achieve a goal that is pushed onto them is counter-active to the entire purpose for goal-setting in the first place.

Then one day I hear the words, "I have set a goal for myself!"

Turning my head to the source of that statement I see Rylee with a very serious look on her face. Like as if something, somewhere is going to be in jeopardy if she does not attempt and conquer.

I'm going to tell you the goal she set for herself and it's okay if you laugh, or think it's an unworthy goal, or that I'm a terrible mother. After that initial reaction, take a minute to look for the not-so-obvious qualities in this rather lofty goal.

She decided to do ALL the dances in Just Dance on the Wii in one day.

The first day, she didn't make it. The next day she started over and persevered. She would dance. Then nap. Dance some more. Run errands with me. Dance. Eat. Dance. Stop because Dad is home. Dance. After her legs had had enough, the system called her "Lazy", but she kept on!

With Dad outside working on go-carts she continued on and on. Her arms were tired. She was doing songs she had never done so the movements were unfamiliar to her.

As I sat at piano cuz I couldn't take it anymore, I'd been waiting all day to play, I heard, "Two more songs..."

In the middle of my Moonlight Sonata, she did it. Then she turned everything off and texted a friend to make plans for the next day.

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