Thursday, November 29, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion-Rock of Phases

 This is looking into the boys' room when we first started hanging dry-wall. Covering the ceiling is referred to as "putting a lid on it'. Ha ha, just kidding. Well, it is referred to as "the lid" but I liked saying we were putting a lid on it.

So, you see that skinny robot-looking thing? That's a dry-wall lift. He's a handy fella, I tell ya... those sheets of rock are he-e-e-e-avy!

Here's the same room all sheeted. Guess who is putting mud on the walls? Go ahead, guess.

MEEEEEE! It is totally fun. No joke.

Porter and Kiki covered the screw heads.

Boys' room to the left.

Boys' room door and closet. (I know this is boring but just in case you want to see...)

Anthony's room.

Girls' room closet.

Girls' room door.

My crafting area! (and the traveling toilet)

The new bathroom!

Can you tell that I'm getting excited?

That man is a sheetrocking FOOL!

The new bathroom is ready for tile!

(Which we (the boys and I) went and got in the CITY yesterday!)

Pretty soon, this will be our first finished room.

He even sheeted the stairwell last night.

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