Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- Go John Henry

Jake finally gets the first window opening to the point where we can use a sledge-hammer. Here is cousin Bill. I even tried it!
Here's Bub. Hey, batter, batter...
Lest you think this is easy, that hammer is super heavy...
... and that wall is solid concrete with even more solid rock embedded in it!
Here's Porter. This is about as high as I could get it too!
Way to swing that iron!
Of course Coley has to try it.
Jake finishes it off. First window down, two more to go.
Haven't you ever wanted to kick a hole through a wall? He went clear through 2 sheets of dry-wall.
Now we're going to PUNCh the wall.
Ready, set...
Bill, telling me where Anthony is going to punch through.
He did it! There's his black-gloved hand and see the piece of dry-wall flying to the left peeling back paper with it?

This is so much fun!

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