Friday, October 7, 2011

Sparkling Reflections

It's wonderful here at Bear lake today. There are only a handful of vehicles on the entire beach. The sun is shining and the water calm. But not completely calm. There is just enough rippling to create that tranquilizing sound of water lapping against the sand. Such a lovely sound as to enhance the peacefulness of this moment in time.

I look out at my five young children far off in what they call the "hot sand". The boys with a two foot shovel, no doubt searching for treasure. The girls with a big wad of... sea moss? What is their plan for that?

As I see them out there playing I am vividly reminded of how I used to be transported by my imagination to any world, time, or situation I desired. I love days like today when the only thing on the agenda is to allow the children the freedom to magically transform themselves into any character they want to be. Their mode of transportation is to simply follow any whim of their imaginations.

Sparkling reflections on the water; the sounds of splashing, laughter, and seagulls; and my one lone beach umbrella all come together creating a fulness of heart and a smile in my eyes. Today will be stored in an imaginary heart pendant to be opened on some future cold day.

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